The last decade or two have seen big changes in the way we eat. There are many diets that are becoming more popular. A typical example is veganism. Others include gluten free diets, paleo diets, carbohydrate free diets, meat diets and more.

These trends are driven by increasing health awareness and sometimes by environmental factors.

Ironically many who jump on the latest diet trend for health benfits fail to look at or consider the content, manufacturing processes, additives, highly processed nature and preservatives in the products they are consuming.

What do we mean by this statement ?

For example, take veganism. Many of the snacks produced to attract, and which are consumed by vegans are highly processed and preservative rich. They may be genuinely vegan friendly products, but we do not believe them to be healthy. It has been well researched and documented that highly processed foods are less healthy than unprocessed foods.

It is better to snack on well established products that are healthy and less processed.

Examples include roasted nuts like almonds and roasted chickpeas.

Many of the new snacks produced by large companies, in order to jump on the latest diet trends, are mass produced and highly processed. They are manufactured in large quantities and are cheap to produce.

These highly processed snacks contain oil, which because it is heated to high temperatures during the roasting process becomes unhealthy saturated fat.

In contrast chickpeas roasted without oil contain no saturated fat. This is also the case with redskin peanuts roasted without oil.

So we ask you to look at the ingredients of the snacks you are buying. Please consider the manufacturing process and whether they are roasted with or without oil.

Please consider whether the snacks you buy are processed or are simple products which have been produced from natural ingredients for many decades and have a long track history of production. They are not being quickly manufactured to jump on the latest diet trend.

Your health and waist line will benefit from you making the best choices.

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