We are creatures of habit. Most of us continue to snack unhealthily. We grab what we are used to and what is convenient.

Making changes to our diet requires conscience effort and planning.

Typical easy unhealthy snacks are chocolate bars and crisps. These are available everywhere, convenient, tempting, cheap but high in sugar and salt and low in nutrients.

Examples of healthy snacks are fruit, nuts, chickpeas, seeds.

These are perhaps less tempting and require a (little) more effort to buy and eat.

However making the change from unhealthy to healthy can have a huge effect on our health, wasteline and risk of getting diseases like heart problems and diabetes.

So decide today to eat and snack on healthy nutritious foods. Make a conscious decision to change. Then work at it daily.

Plan by ordering healthy snacks online. Decide not to buy chocolate bars or crisps when shopping in the supermarket. Choose healthy snacks like unsalted nuts and seeds or fruit.

You will probably have days when you give in to temptation but keep reminding yourself that you have changed. Over time your habits will change, you will enjoy feeling fitter, slimmer with more energy. You will find yourself enjoying and appreciating healthy foods more and come to dislike high sugar high salt snack foods.

Practice eating mindfully. Slow down and become aware of the taste and texture of foods. Healthy foods are usually more interesting compared with quick snacks like crisps when eaten slowly with deep appreciation.

in time your lifelong habits will change and you will have become a slimmer new healthy snacker.

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