Many people believe that snacking throughout the day is a not healthy. But that is one myth that needs to be dispelled!

According to research from the famous and authorative US Mayo Clinic:

“Eating a healthy snack [such as] nuts, sunflower seeds, low-fat crackers or fruit may stop you from taking second or third helpings at your next meal, dramatically cutting the calories you consume.”

But when you are at work it is a challenge to consume healthy snacks. At work vending machines beckon us with their high-salt, high-fat, sugary, and nutritionally barren treats.

Instead of crisps, chocolate bars, sweets, and fizzy sugary drinks, the expert doctors at the Mayo Clinic suggest keeping nuts, seeds, fruit and vegetables, vegetable juice, whole wheat crackers or bread, granola, and low fat dairy products at the work place and office.

Healthy portions of these foods will satisfy your hunger, boost your energy levels and provide you with important nutrients.

Keep in mind, however, that even the healthiest snacks can become dangerous to our daily diets if eaten for the wrong reasons. Elaine Magee, MPH, RD, LD, in her article “Easy, Healthy Workplace Snacks,” warns against eating at the desk: “When you eat while trying to work, it’s likely to be ‘mindless eating.’

This can lead to taking in more calories than your body really needs.” She also cites a French study that shows people who eat from boredom are not as likely as those who eat from genuine hunger to eat less at their next meal!

So remember, if you eat them when you are genuinely hungry, a sufficient serving of a healthy snack will make a powerful ally to any healthy eating program.

In particular we recommend eating a portion of tasty almonds, pumpkin seeds or pasteli.

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